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Unit 1 - Finding Meaning - Wisdom from Ecclesiastes.rtf
Session 1 March 3 When Life Feels Empty Ecclesiastes 1;1-14.pdf
Session 2 March 10 The Problem with Pleasure Ecclesiastes 2;1-11.pdf
Session 3 March 17 The Problem with Wisdom Ecclesiastes 2;12-17, 7;23-29.pdf
Session 4 March 24 The Problem with Work Ecclesiastes 2;18-23, 3;9-13.pdf
Session 5 March 31 The Problem with Wealth Ecclesiastes 5;10-20.pdf
Session 6 April 7 Full Contentment Ecclesiastes 11;7-10, 12;12-14.pdf
Unit 2 He Said What - Hard Sayings of Jesus.rtf
Session 1 April 14 God Won’t Forgive This Sin Matthew 12;22-32.pdf
Session 2 April 21 You’ll Never Die John 11;25-27, 20;24-29.pdf
Session 3 April 28 Sell Everything You Own Matthew 19;21-30.pdf
Session 4 May 5 Love Your Enemies Luke 6;27-36.pdf
Session 5 May 12 Let the Dead Bury Their Dead Luke 9;57-62.pdf
Session 6 May 19 Hate Your Family Luke 14;25-35.pdf
Session 7 May 26 Exploit Your Friends Luke 16;1-12.pdf


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