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Last update this page   08/26/2013

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This is a list of Forwarded 'Cuties' I was sent.  Yours may be here too. Some are short enough, relevant to the study topics or recent events, and found their way to the
'Back of the Bulletin'.

A Beautiful Day Noah's Ark The Pink Dress The Christmas Tree Burnt Biscuits Why Go Joe's Prayer Puppy Love Bulb Change Mary Had a Little Lamb Twinkies & Root beer Visit the Clinic You took my space On My Father's Side Christian Cartoons The Map Death The Cross Within Sneeze Southern10Commantments Texas Bar Where's Mom Isaiah 65:24 The Blood Strange Natvity Scene Malachi 3:3 The Rich Family in Church

If you have a funny 'Forward' send it on, I may use it.  Sorry no $.  
If you want to send it to some one else, copy to email and send.

While some are not funny, I will still share the ones that warm the heart.
The content should fit the audience.




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